New York’s unique sustainable investment community is vibrant in its diversity and excellence. Each year industry professionals host and attend numerous events that present the latest thought leadership in the industry or invite professionals to social events. In addition, professionals seek out New York from all over the globe to grow their careers. We believe that connecting through BASIC NY (Building A Sustainable Investment Community) as the main platform for communicating events, industry news, and career opportunities can help to unite the very best the New York community has to offer to both locals and newcomers alike.

Our parent organization, BASIC, the original Boston chapter, has grown to over 700 members strong and continues to achieve its goal of connecting Boston-area SRI professionals via educational, social, and networking activities. We strive to grow BASIC NY’s membership through our affiliate and member knowledge-sharing. 

BASIC NY does not take political positions, lobby, advocate specific SRI strategies, or provide job search assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join BASIC NY even if I don't live in New York?

While most BASIC NY members live and work in the greater New York metropolitan area, members are also professionals who visit New York often, have offices in the state, or are simply interested in being connected to the local sustainable investing community.

How do I post a question, news item or event to the discussion listserv?

The BASIC NY listserv e-mail service is for the use of and by members. Once you have joined, messages sent to will be reviewed and then forwarded to the entire group.

What is appropriate content for the BASIC NY listserv?

The BASIC NY listserv is moderated to prevent abusive or solicitous posts; however, any article, news item, question, or event that would be of interest to BASIC NY members is welcome.

How are BASIC NY programs assembled?

Anyone can participate in assembling a BASIC NY program, whether they are a member or not. There are typically two components involved: assembling the content of the program (developing topics and recruiting speakers) and providing space for the program to be held. If you have an idea for a BASIC NY program, or have meeting space to offer, please contact the BASIC NY team at

Are there costs involved in assembling a BASIC NY program?

Event hosts typically provide light refreshments at BASIC NY programs. However, BASIC NY is glad to work with event hosts with limited resources.

What networking opportunities does BASIC NY offer?

Every BASIC NY program begins with a half-hour for registration, refreshments, and networking. BASIC NY also aims to organize local events that are entirely devoted to animated, interactive conversations among BASIC NY members and friends, often kicking off the evening with a topic presented informally by a member.

Is BASIC NY affiliated with any other organization?

BASIC NY is a chapter of BASIC Boston and otherwise has no formal relationship with any other organization. BASIC does often partner with affiliate members, companies and organizations on an informal basis in hosting BASIC NY programs.

Are BASIC NY programs open to the news media?

While BASIC NY programs are open to anyone wishing to attend, any media outlets should reach out to BASIC NY in advance if they wish to attend or cover any aspect of BASIC NY’s content or events.